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LETTER: Here’s who’s to blame for Nevada housing ‘crisis’

Because many Democrats in the Legislature are unfamiliar with how the real world works, they blame Gov. Joe Lombardo for the challenging issues in Nevada regarding housing. Assemblywoman Danielle Monroe-Moreno, the Democratic Party chairwoman, puts the blame on the governor. She calls the situation a “crisis,” which is typical politico-speak for the left. Everything is a crisis and can be fixed only by their touchy-feely, out-of-touch-with-reality solutions.

She refers to various bills Democrats passed last legislative session, and says we have housing problems because the governor vetoed them. But Gov. Lombardo was correct to turn back their efforts, as these bills would have been most unfavorable to landlords who, in the real world, have mortgages to pay. The Democrats see landlords as evil, preying on the bad fortunes of renters. The governor’s record number of vetoes was wise and for the good of the state.

Gov. Lombardo asked the Biden White House to release federal lands so developers can build more housing. It’s a commonsense, free-market approach, but wholly unacceptable to the Democrats, who like state control.

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I suggest that our politicians spend less time attacking each other and more time developing a plan to reduce inflation.

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As a lifelong Democrat, I agree with Cobey Du’bravo’s Wednesday letter in which he criticized Sen. Jacky Rosen’s campaign ad for implying she is a maverick Democrat.

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Higher prices will result. Poor families will still pay a higher price for food because Alber-Krog will still control the distribution of food.