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LETTER: How to insulate government from ‘corrupting influence’

Updated July 11, 2019 - 9:14 pm

When the Review-Journal’s Steve Sebelius compares Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to President Donald Trump, he says that “Warren believes government can do good for people, if only it’s insulated from corrupting influence” (“Warren’s war on the new Gilded Age,” Sunday column). But what he and she fail to realize is that government, by it’s very nature, is corrupt.

Any entity that is authorized to use force to accomplish its goals will always be besieged by those who want to gain an advantage over others. The only way to prevent this is to limit the power of that entity and remove the ability of evildoers to influence those we have elected to represent us.

This was the original purpose of the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. It’s time we return to those ideals of limited government and free markets.

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