LETTER: It will be interesting to hear Oscar acceptance speeches this year

I very much enjoyed the recent political cartoon you published regarding the Democratic National Committee’s purported “offer” to write Oscar acceptance speeches. But somehow I don’t think that will really be necessary.

More importantly, your cartoon also reminded me to set up my DVR to record the Oscars show. My interest in the Oscars had faded to near-zero since it became so much more about the PC agenda than about recognizing stellar performances. But this year, I’m going to be very curious to hear what members of the multi-millionaire Hollywood elite have to say, at least those who haven’t kept their promise to leave our country. I sincerely encourage them to exercise their right to free speech to tell us what they really think — and apparently what we common folk should also be thinking, as well.

I too will be exercising my right to free speech in the form of deciding where I’m going expend my entertainment dollars in the future.

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