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LETTER: Jacky Rosen runs from her Democrat-ness

As a lifelong Democrat, I agree with Cobey Du’bravo’s Wednesday letter in which he criticized Sen. Jacky Rosen’s campaign ad for implying she is a maverick Democrat. He pointed out her nearly 100 percent record of voting with her party.

Republicans will bankrupt the country with tax cuts for the wealthy, work to destroy public schools, try to eliminate the U.S. Post Office, take away women’s rights, deny voting rights to minorities, ban books and claim elections are rigged when they lose, then stand up and convince you how wonderful their policies are.

Despite several pieces of bipartisan legislation that have been passed, numerous executive orders helping regular people, a president who is a good and decent man and not a speck of wrongdoing, Sen. Rosen is running away from her party. Democrats are such wimps.

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