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LETTER: Joe Biden and student loan handouts

I wholeheartedly agree with Joyce Belveals’s recent letter to the editor regarding President Joe Biden’s forgiveness of student loans. Because I made the mistake of paying off my college loans, I am wondering if President Biden is planning on a free money giveaway for people like me. I recently purchased a new car, and I really don’t want to pay back the loan. I am hoping that with a stroke of the pen the president can make my debt vanish.

Actually, why doesn’t President Biden take it a step further? Why not give every American citizen (you could also include illegal immigrants) $1 million? Sure, a loaf of bread would cost $350, but being a millionaire should take away at least a little bit of the pain.

Sarcasm aside, I am so sick of politicians doing only what’s best for themselves to pander for votes, rather than doing what is right for the country.

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