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LETTER: Joe Biden has some work to do on foreign affairs

As soon as Joe Biden takes office, there are certain matters that he needs to attend to immediately.

1. Make good with China. The NBA does not want to lose its billion-dollar baby, although it has been made quite clear that this country (with its stellar human rights record) hid how the virus was developed and escaped. Remember, China discredited two of its doctors who tried to warn of COVID.

2. Rejoin the World Health Organization because it is so transparent and China cannot afford to pay its bills.

3. Load a large plane with a huge amount money and get it Iran because it “promises to not use it to develop nuclear weapons” if you pay them enough. This from a country that has vowed to destroy the United States and Israel as soon as it is capable of doing it.

So, Mr. Biden, when you take office, you have a lot to get done. But keep smiling while you do it.

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