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LETTER: Joe Biden has the printing presses humming!

Not a bad first day’s work for Joe Biden. It will cost the U.S. taxpayer only an estimated $24 trillion (Bloomberg report Jan. 21).

The Paris climate accord is 99 percent dependent on U.S. dollars. Ten trillion, to be exact. What do we get for this money? Read the conclusions near the end of the accord: It “is expected these (regulations) will decrease the overall global temperature by one half of one degree in only ten years.” That’s an expensive half degree.

Canceling the Keystone pipeline will cripple the oil industry, putting millions of lower- and middle-class workers out of jobs and making the United States again dependent on Middle East oil. You can guess what the gasoline prices will do to the workers who will bear the brunt of the increase. There is several trillion more to the U.S. taxpayer.

Then we have the effort to kill the coal and natural gas industries in order to make the United States “carbon neutral” by 2050. Anybody heard of a place called California? How’s shutting down nuclear and natural gas power plants working for that state? Last summer there were rolling blackouts because there wasn’t enough electricity. In some parts of California, electricity has been off more days this year then it has been on. Cost to U.S. taxpayers: trillions more.

Unfortunately, lower- and middle-class citizens cannot just print money like the government — and the way the liberals are spending money, the printing presses must be running 24/7.

One more thing: To quote many Hollywood and other liberals from 2017, Mr. Biden is “not my president.”

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