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LETTER: Kamala Harris has learned ‘the game’

In his Sunday letter to the editor, Ken Anderson is taken aback that Sen. Kamala Harris “was proudly selected due to her sex and race, not her policies or opinions. Anyone see a disconnect here?” Obviously, Mr. Anderson never had concerns about the historical and political facts of this country from its inception in 1776 and before.

Our Constitution was written and became the law of our country so that white male Protestants would be the only qualified candidates to hold political office. So now you complain that it’s not fair others have learned the game you and yours created. Wake up and smell reality.

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LETTER: Where were the banks in the Donald Trump saga?

It is the bank’s full responsibility to fully vet people or businesses that are applying for loans. If bank officials are operating in a criminal, lazy or unethical way, they should be the ones on trial.

LETTER: Joe Biden and Iran

With the threat of an Iranian attack on Israel, the Biden administration issued it’s most terrifying single-word directive to Iran, “Don’t.” Unfortunately, Iran did.

LETTER: Biden’s bungles student loans, the border

Mr. Biden opened the border. He can close the border. If he does not have the authority to close the border, then he did not have the authority to implement his first action, that of opening the border.

LETTER: O.J. tribute in bad taste

Mr. Katsilometes is apparently such a slave to celebrity that he is blinded to the character flaws of the violent felon who he remembers in fawning and adoring terms.