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LETTER: Las Vegas Aviators give fans great first season

We’d like to publicly thank our great Las Vegas Aviators, the 2019 Pacific Coast Southern Division champions, for the incomparable fun and excitement of 70 amazing home games in America’s most beautiful minor league ballpark.

Everyone associated with the team — from parking lot attendants to top management and, of course, the uniquely talented team — made Aviator baseball’s inaugural season a memorable, joyful and truly exhilarating experience. We relished every moment, and we can’t wait to be back next year.

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LETTER: Biden wants to tax the corporations

President Joe Biden has pledged to raise taxes on corporations and to keep taxes on those making less than $400,000 the same. And guess who will ultimately pay?

LETTER: Biden revives failed Iran policy

In 2016, Barack Obama paid $400 million cash on pallets to Iran to release four American hostages. Now the price has gone up.

LETTER: The controversy over CEO pay

Do we really expect a CEO of a major gaming company to have a salary remotely close to that of a card dealer?

LETTER: Biden spending binge will hit the middle class

You may be on board with all of his New Deal and free stuff, but if you think it will all be paid for by corporate taxes and “the rich” best think again.