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LETTER: Las Vegas HOV lane enforcement will be a joke

I have to thank you for the hearty laugh I got reading your recent article claiming that HOV lane enforcement will start soon. I say this because traffic law enforcement in Las Vegas is a joke. I see so many violations every day and hardly any tickets being issued.

You can drive pretty much any way you want and get away with it unless you are in an accident. I have seen people run red lights right in front of an officer with no response. So don’t worry too much about getting ticketed for using the HOV lane with only one person in the car. It will be a rarity to get a ticket.

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LETTER: RJ beating a dead horse with LVCVA

Quit beating a dead horse and move on. The LVCVA was — and still is — a good thing for Las Vegas.

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Take personal responsibility and leave the government out of it. Let everyone make their own informed choices.

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But a gun transfer between immediate members of a family shouldn’t require a background check.

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