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LETTER: Latest moonlighting lawmaker lets the cat out of the bag

Sabra Smith Newby, the UNLV employee appointed to the Assembly by the Clark County Commission (Wednesday Review-Journal), articulated the fundamental belief of all government employees who now concentrate two of the three powers of government in their hands in violation the Nevada Constitution’s separation of powers doctrine when she said, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget my local government roots.”

I believe that. In fact, I respect she came right out and said it.

Ms. Smith Newby’s primary constituency, along with all local government employee legislators, is not the people. It’s the Nevada Association of Counties and the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities, along with the various corporations operating as unions inside the government structure.

It’s important to understand that these are not evil people. They are just human beings subject to the corruption of power, as we all are. And this is why the separation of powers doctrine exists. It exists to protect those of us in the private sector who hold exactly none of the powers of government while Ms. Smith Newby and her colleagues hold two. It’s not difficult to understand. Is it?

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