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LETTER: Move on from Donald Trump?

I read Lev Schneiderman’s Wednesday letter to the editor in which he wrote about “moving on” from Donald Trump. He mentions that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will “restore energy independence, protect our porous borders, eliminate needless government regulations, support our Second Amendment right, sensibly aim toward cleaner air and restore the economy where things again become affordable for all.” Mr. Trump already did all of this and more.

Mr. Trump also created a business-friendly environment, lowered taxes and created the highest employment for all Americans. He accomplished a peace treaty in the Middle East, something the past five presidents failed to do. He relocated the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, wiped out ISIS and kept our troops safe in Afghanistan and opened a direct dialog with the leader of North Korea.

He did all this while being attacked with the lies told by some in the media and the attacks by the Democrats and liberals on social media, including two impeachments and the Russian collusion hoax. I could go on and on with all the obstacles put in his way to fail, but did he? No. He kept his focus on what is important to most Americans.

Yes, Mr. Trump has an ego. We all do. But I could care less about his ego or any other negativity the media dream up. All I care about is what Mr. Trump has and will do for our country moving forward. I do agree that Gov. DeSantis should be considered for president someday, but not in 2024. We need Mr. Trump.

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