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LETTER: Nevadans deserve ranked-choice voting

The reason to favor ranked-choice voting in 2024 is that the Republican and Democratic political machines and their supporting news outlets vehemently argue against it. Quoting Hamlet, “The lady doth protest too much.”

It is a shame that one of the few bipartisan positions on which they can agree in furtherance of maintaining the current dysfunctional, ineffective and divisive government edifice is to strive to deny independent and third-party voters a real voice.

Arguments against ranked-choice voting always say that it will confuse the voters. I agree that the current studies identified a slight increase in voter error. But those same studies also did not find the level of error to be incurable or critical. Ranked-choice voting ensures that a candidate who has the support of a majority of the voters will win, and a plurality leader opposed by that majority will lose – maybe not on the first round, but definitely in a follow-up round without the need to go to an expensive run-off election.

Please give the people a chance at the government that they deserve and vote for ranked-choice voting.

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