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LETTER: No time to eat

Updated October 27, 2019 - 11:26 am

Amelia Pak-Harvey once again hit the nail on the head with her Oct. 19 column on school lunch periods being too short for students to get the proper nutrition to support their academic and physical needs.

I am a retired high school teacher. For 35 years, I stuffed my face in a race of time hoping to wind down and get students out of my classroom while trying to eat a little in the 20-plus-minute lunch break. I can tell you from the trenches that it isn’t enough time for any human being and borders on inhumane.

I also recognize that, because of supervision and time constraints and complicated bus schedules in a time-limited school day, the problem isn’t as simple as just increasing the lunch period. But a too-short lunch period does exist, and it is in need of reconsideration.

Kudo’s to Ms. Pak-Harvey for bringing attention to another of the many, many problems with the Clark County School District.

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