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LETTER: Of course Donald Trump uses accountants

I am wondering if Frederick Mitchell, who wrote a letter published Saturday criticizing Donald Trump, really believes that wealthy people write their own contracts, plan their own financial deals and figure their own taxes.

I have very little, but I have to employ someone to figure my income taxes every year. If I were on the witness stand and asked to explain my figures, I would have to say that I could not. If asked if I have ever signed something without knowing what it actually was, I would have to say yes, that I could trust only the person I hired to do it correctly. I think a good businessman is someone who has a team around him that is smart enough to be able to navigate a complex system.

I also think it is sweet that Hillary Clinton thinks that, for the first 75 years of my life, I did not have a single thought in my head. Just an empty skull — until 2014 when Mr. Trump entered the political scene and filled it with his ideas. I want her to know that I support him because he thinks like I do and not the other way around. That is probably the last thing she wants to believe.

I want energy independence back, I want our border closed, I want learning to actually be a part of our education system, I want prices down and I want stability in the world. I felt safe under President Trump, and I want to feel safe again.

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