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LETTER: Rich Democratic candidates helping the economy

Mike Bloomberg has reportedly spent more than $464 million, and Tom Steyer has spent more than $125 million, on their campaigns for the Democratic presidential nomination. Keep in mind that this money was tied up in their respective portfolios but is now in the economy via wages, TV advertising and other miscellaneous spending. All the other Democratic candidates are receiving donations from supporters who would have normally spent their money locally in their respective communities.

With our national deficit hitting $1 trillion, I like the idea of these wealthy campaigners relocating their funds via commerce rather than collecting interest on them. So don’t be overly harsh on these wealthy men. They are spreading their wealth around. They may also win.

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LETTER: Is the Las Vegas shutdown worth the economic hit?

It’s hard to believe that we still have almost another month before we start thinking of opening business again. If we keep this country closed much longer, the economic effects will be worse then the virus. Here in Las Vegas, these gambling structures will never survive a long-term closure, nor will the people.

LETTER: Gov. Steve Sisolak and a drug ban

I did not vote for Gov. Steve Sisolak, but I agree to a point with his restriction on the drug hydroxychloroquine.

LETTER: We all have to live with a little inconvenience

Letter writer Eric Yaillen was displeased with the decision by local stores to have an early line for seniors. I applaud the stores for taking this action.