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LETTER: Rising energy costs and green mandates

Sunday’s Review-Journal article, “Sweating out rising utility bills,” aptly points out the steady increase of electric bills and the subsequent hardships on Las Vegas residents such as Anthony Smith. As the environmental zealots continue to push for a near total transition to renewables and the reduction/elimination of natural gas and other fossil fuels, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict the steady meteoric increases in electric power bills. There is not enough current or projected wind and solar production to meet demand. As demand exceeds supply, prices will rise. Simple.

As a minimum, a comprehensive moratorium on renewable mandates and a sane, gradual reduction in curtailing natural gas supplies are necessary. Lacking that, Mr. Smith and the rest of us are doomed to hot, hot summers with prohibitive budget-breaking power bills.

I happened to notice in the photo of Mr. Smith that he has a gas stove. Wait until the current administration forces him to convert that to electric. Just another brick in the wall.

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