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LETTER: Supermarket merger will hurt the poor

The myth of a supermarket merger making for lower food costs is just that, a myth (April 7 commentary). Only executives and stockholders will benefit from a monopoly. Poor families will still pay a higher price for food because Alber-Krog will still control the distribution of food. Look at what happened at the breakup of Ma Bell. I hope the lower-cost stores such as Aldi will step in and fill the gap.

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LETTER: Don’t believe latest presidential poll on Nevada

Your Tuesday editorial referenced polls showing Trump leading Biden in Nevada by double digits. As someone who has taught statistics and research methods, I have serious problems with the surveys.

LETTER: An end of an era on the Strip

Steve Wynn’s Mirage transformed the image of Las Vegas from the glitter gulch in the desert to an oasis of refinement and elegance.