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LETTER: Taking failed policies on the road

In response to your Tuesday editorial on domestic migration:

New York, Illinois and California are forcing their citizens to leave with high taxes and burdensome regulations. As it turns out, this migration is turning once conservative population centers into liberal strongholds. Is stupidity the reason, or is it more sinister?

When we moved to Southern Nevada in 1988, the state was very libertarian. Conservatives won elections, and we enjoyed a great standard of living thanks to low taxes and small government at all levels. Construction work was plentiful, and food was cheap. Things started changing in the mid-1990s and have been going downhill since.

You would think that the Californians who have come to Nevada would have been left behind the rotten tyrannical policies that drove them here. Not so much. Instead, every proposition to make it more expensive to live here was supported by the newcomers. Could it be that this was the strategy of the socialists all along?

Under different circumstances, I would be hesitant to support such a conspiracy theory. But liberal policies are ruining parts of our nation that used to be great places to live.

The national debt is a disgrace. The rampant crime in our population centers is disgusting when you realise the local governments are encouraging this behavior by not supporting law enforcement. The influx of illegal migrants from the south is in full throttle with wholehearted support from liberals. The United States used to protect the world from bullying strongmen; now our leaders have lost the will to protect our own citizens from bullying in public places.

Some states have been taken over by socialism and are now in the process of overwhelming other states by sending their ideology in the form of voters. Is it stupidity?

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