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LETTER: Taking steps to minimize the opportunity for voter fraud

Your Monday editorial regarding the possibility of voter fraud was enlightening. Just a thought, but I wonder why the powers-that-be don’t end the speculation once and for all by requiring that every registered voter provide his or her Social Security number. The voter registrar would then be required to E-Verify each number.

A final step would require that each person casting a vote show a photo ID to prove that he or she is the voter listed.

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LETTER: The value of the US Postal Service

We appreciate your recent attention to the U.S. Postal Service in an editorial and a commentary response.

LETTER: Not a Donald Trump fan

Donald Trump will go down in history as the most evil person who ever served as president of the United States.

LETTER: Special HOV lanes for special classes

So members of a few special classes get their own lane. The rest of us are forced into bumper-to-bumper traffic like cattle.

LETTER: That misogynist in the Oval Office

We ‘nasty’ women are going to vote Big Orange out of office in 2020 and then fumigate the White House to get rid of the stink.