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LETTER: Teaching phonics is not a panacea

In response to Mona Charen’s Tuesday column supporting phonics reading instruction:

The idea that English is a phonetic language is laughable. One symbol, one sound is a great idea. But that’s not English. It is also not French. Spanish, German and Italian come closer. Our kids have a spelling contest and so do the French. In the other countries most kids learn to spell words quickly and correctly because letters either separately or in certain combinations have unique sounds. In English a combination of phonetic learning and “sight reading” is needed. How else can a kid distinguish wind from wind? And after the spelling bee how does one decide which one won?

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LETTER: Septic tank bill would be a burden to homeowners

The naturally cleaned water coming out of septic systems is not lost, nor will forcing homeowners to change to sewer provide more than a drop in the bucket toward this drought.

LETTER: Biden’s inflation triggers problems with banks

Be aware that all banks have most of their reserves in low interest bonds, and more closures can result if depositors want to withdraw their money.

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As long as the Left is name-calling, I propose those on the right start referring to the Left as DEAD Democrats, standing for Destroying Every American’s Dream.