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LETTER: That misogynist in the Oval Office

Donald Trump’s go-to term to describe 52 percent of our population, women, appears to be “nasty.” He is especially bothered by women because they are so strong, powerful and smart — a real stabilizing influence in our society. With his fragile self-confidence, they are everything he is not.

The two most recent “nasty” comments came just days apart. One was during his disastrous trip to Britain, when he insulted Duchess Meghan while on British soil, and then with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I looked up “nasty” to see how Mr. Trump was describing these women. Nasty: 1. Disgusting to see, smell or touch; filthy; foul. 2. Morally offensive; indecent.

It goes on, but you get the point. We nasty women are going to vote Big Orange out of office in 2020 and then fumigate the White House to get rid of the stink.

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LETTER: White House ‘pay gap’ a non-issue

The article clearly says that men and women doing the same job in the White House are being paid the same.