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LETTER: The existential threat of knock-off Super Bowl shirts

I had to chuckle when I read that federal authorities are protecting us from fake Super Bowl T-shirts because they “could be produced by victims of labor exploitation” and “they could pose a health and safety danger.” I’m sure it has nothing to do with the NFL making sure that we buy a $40 T-shirt that we’ll wear once or twice instead of a $10 one.

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LETTER: Deciphering progressive jargon

I noticed recently that euphemisms are commonly used by progressives in order to make the agenda they support seem less harsh or unpleasant.

LETTER: Biden ignores the Supreme Court on student loans

Biden is constantly harping on how Trump is a threat to democracy and will be a dictator, eliminating our freedoms. It is Biden, however, who has proven himself the dictator who is threatening democracy.

LETTER: More on 1968

As a cop who was at not only at the 1968 Democratic convention at the Conrad Hilton on Michigan Avenue, but also the Chicago arson fires on the west side, I feel there were many reasons why the city was a tinderbox.

LETTER: Clark County cracks down on street vendors

A lot of us walk or jog in the summer nights when it cools down. The juice vendor was a wonderful break before starting the return half of our exercise. Alas, never more.