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LETTER: The horror story that is global warming

In response to your July 27 story, “New study may predict ‘worst case’ climate scenario for Nevada’”: I read this report with alarm. Every disaster movie starts with a scientific warning being ignored, and we ignore this study at our peril. Like ignoring the early coronavirus warnings, not following advice from climate scientists creates disasters, too.

Climate change is underway. Las Vegas is the fastest-warming U.S. city. Nevada and the Colorado River basin have been in drought since 2001, and there are record-low levels of water in Lake Mead. This UNLV study indicates that this will worsen unless we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Everyone knows we must move away from fossil fuels. Our state is a leader, but we need national action. Fortunately, a bipartisan solution is pending in Congress: a carbon-fee-and-dividend approach embodied in HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

This policy is good for the economy and good for people. Also, it’s revenue neutral — no added federal debt. Nevadans should learn more, write or call Congress, rally neighbors and get active. As this UNLV report makes clear, time is running out. Don’t let our inaction create a real-life horror movie for our kids.

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