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LETTER: The judicial system at work

It defies logic that a judge ruled Roidan Durruthy Mendoza isn’t competent to stand trial for the death of his wife (Thursday’s Review-Journal). He admitted to the killing. Surely, he was competent when he carried out the killing. He had to be to commit the crime. This is common sense.

There must be some justice for members of this family who are dealing with their grief. It seems that the judicial system bends over backward for the accused rather than the victim. Our justice system does declare that the accused are innocent until proven guilty. When the accused admits to the crime, however, that scenario no longer applies.

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LETTER: Big government is a necessity

Don’t let the big corporations tell you your life would be better without big government regulation or laws. I have been there and done that.

LETTER: A legend passes

It’s with a very heavy heart that I received news that the greatest ball player of all time and an ambassador of the game has been brought up to the major leagues at the age of 93.

LETTER: The truth about McDonald’s and prices

Any hikes are closely connected to the increase of costs to run restaurants.