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LETTER: The Peter Principle in action

Sunday’s letter from Walter Wegst provided insight on our governor missing from analysis by various experts and talking heads. The Democratic wave and the lack of a competent competitor brought us a proven “community organizer” to lead the state. After embarrassing press conferences, disinterest and disassociation with the special legislative session and a series of pandemic decisions built on a foundation of fear, the governor has retreated and is barely seen or heard from.

We can be grateful that he has the self-awareness to understand he is in over his head in the governor’s chair, as the state struggles without a vision beyond “What is California doing?” The Peter Principle explains his incompetence. But the question of why the citizens of Nevada thought he was qualified to do the job remains a mystery and resulted in a decision for which the entire state continues to suffer.

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LETTER: Red Rock by reservation?

If you want to ruin local tourism, just make it harder for people to visit our recreation areas and to see our fine state.

LETTER: The Henderson Trump rally and constitutional rights

It is pretty obvious by Gov. Steve Sisolak’s picking and choosing actions that his main concern isn’t for the spread of COVID-19, but to suppress any effort by the Republican Party to re-elect President Trump.

LETTER: More Nevada unemployment follies

The myopic leadership of Gov. Steve Sisolak focusing on where President Donald Trump campaigns and evangelicals gather produces results half as much and two months late for its residents.

LETTER: Masks for thee, but not for me

Is it any wonder we “common folk” balk at the idea we are forced to wear a mask when the edict apparently does not apply to everyone?

LETTER: California smoke and air quality

It seems odd to me that climate change is much worse in California than all of the other Western states.