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LETTER: Voters should see House Democrats as unproductive fools

Tuesday was an amazingly defining day for our nation’s two major political parties. The Democrats ignorantly announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, while not convincing a majority of Americans that they were ever justified in the first place. Simultaneously, Speaker Nancy Pelosi egotistically announced that progress had been made on the new NAFTA — an agreement that the Trump administration had been negotiating for some time.

Think about it. Leftists want you to follow them down the hole of an unjustified impeachment, while also wanting us to support their lack of effort on an agreement this president and his administration have been working on for more than a year.

The blatant incompetence of the Democrats and their failure to do anything positive to advance the betterment of the American people are surpassed only by their hope that we don’t see them for the unproductive fools they truly are.

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