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LETTER: Wayne Allyn Root pats himself on the back

I read Wayne Allyn Root’s column for the sheer entertainment, like reading the comics. His Aug. 25 commentary didn’t disappoint.

Mr. Root’s self-aggrandizing tribute to himself was unsurpassed. “I stepped into history,” he writes. “I was the main subject on CNN, MSNBC and the evening news.” He goes on: “Rush Limbaugh quoted me and thanked me in front of his 15 million radio listeners.”

The reason for this adulation was apparently because of his comments that Israel loves President Donald Trump. That, Mr. Root, does not mean that American Jews do or should love Mr. Trump.

But most of his column was devoted to telling us how important he is. “The president watched my show. He tweeted out his thanks to me, as well as an exact quote of my words in a series of tweets.” He is giddy with the recognition.

I am sure that Mr. Root will need a cast on both arms after slapping himself on the back so hard. His idol and fellow egomaniac, Mr. Trump, should be proud.

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