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LETTER: When is a debate not really a debate?

The Biden Democrats have recently agreed to hold debates with Donald Trump. Except they are not really agreeing to debate, are they? I suppose that, in today’s world of fake news, fake debates are the norm. We as Americans have come to accept this fake reality. Is anyone really interested in calling it a debate when the two candidates give scripted campaign speeches?

There will be no audience. That way there are no witnesses or distractions. Joe Biden must not be distracted. That would be a no-no. The Dems’ favorite fake news channel, CNN, will provide the monitors. The microphone will be controlled. That’s a must. Mr. Biden just might say something, uh, wrong. The questions will be known well ahead of time so that answers will be on cheat sheets and teleprompters.

Best of all, pretend that you are really bold by calling for a nondebate debate. It doesn’t work, does it? But what choice do the Democrats have?

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