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LETTERS: Recent Review-Journal letter writer unjustly criticizes Barack Obama over U.N. action

I am not a big Obama fan, but I disagree with Clyde Dinkins’ letter of Jan. 3 headlined “Obama betrayal.”

Granted, Israel won the 1967 war. Yet, when the war is over, Israel must return to its pre-war boundary. Although the United States and Soviet Union were victorious in World War II, the victory didn’t entitle these two victors to build settlements in the defeated Japan and Germany.

Israel’s aggressive buildup of settlements on the occupied land is illegal and justifiably drawing worldwide condemnation. President Barack Obama would look foolish and biased if he sided with Israel’s illegal actions, which threaten peace in the region and subject its citizens to endless violence.

Yes, Israel is America’s closest ally. But when there is a conflict of interest between the two countries, a U.S. president must act on behalf of America, not Israel.

While countless homeless people suffer in the streets of Las Vegas and the rest of the nation, Obama has increased U.S. aid to Israel. For the Israeli prime minister to publicly condemn Obama’s U.N. action as “shameful” is tantamount to biting the hands that feed him. I doubt Israel can continue to exist sans America’s assistance and protection.

And Mr. Dinkins’ criticism of Obama on this account is unjust and regrettable.

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