Nevadans should demand two reforms to protect the democratic process

Much has been said about Russian interference in our elections. Now we hear that maybe the Chinese interfered as well. Recently, I saw a report revealing that a Russian national was registered to vote in California.

The integrity of our elections is critical to our democratic process. Although we may feel powerless to do anything, concerned Nevadans can take steps to help maintain election integrity in our state. We can contact our elected representatives and ask for two actions.

First, we need to request that the registrar of voters in each county do a careful scrub of the voter rolls to eliminate ineligible voters — those who remain on the rolls after they are deceased or people who no longer reside in the state.

Second, we should ask our representatives to pass legislation that would require a photo ID to vote. A photo ID is required to buy prescriptions, visit a doctor, board an airplane, buy liquor, cash a check and to do many more things. It should not be a barrier to voters.

These things are something that each of us can do to make a difference and help maintain the integrity of our voting process.

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