Nevada’s background check bill signed into law

The Legislature last week passed Senate Bill 143 and Gov. Steve Sisolak signed the measure. It will take effect Jan. 2, 2020.

This new background check law pertains to an unlicensed person who sells or voluntarily transfers one or more firearms to another unlicensed person. There are exemptions — for instance, if the unlicensed individuals are blood relatives or if the transfer is temporary.

But can someone explain to me: How will SB143 be enforced if the sale or transfer between one or both unlicensed persons is completed without the background check being done?

I only see two possible results from SB143. It may stop guns from being sold by unlicensed individuals at gun shows. It may make a law-abiding gun owner a criminal if he gives his daughter-in-law a firearm for her self-protection.

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