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No money for Clark County teachers?

I read recently in the Review-Journal that the school district cannot afford the promised employee pay raises. Yet the government was able to find $750 million for that ridiculous stadium on the Strip. Now I bet we poor taxpayers are going to be made to make up the difference so the teachers do not go wanting.

I am on a fixed income and that will mean less food on my table, less gas in my tank, a little less for Christmas and birthdays for my grandkids and — worst of all — less for life-sustaining medications and health care for me. I do with less so the millionaires who own the football team can overcharge for hot dogs and beer and continue to line their pockets.

Why didn’t our local and state representatives consider the education of our children and the needs of the taxpayers — such as better infrastructure and assistance — before wasting huge sums on something that even the UNLV Rebels have to pay rent to use?

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