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Pathetic 2020 Democratic field a boost for Donald Trump

Hard to believe the Democrats are so pathetic right now that they are almost ensuring another four years for the most unethical, dishonest, amoral, hate-filled, scared, angry, psychopathic liar this country has every had as president.

The hardworking middle class is no longer ever listened to or courted. Instead, the 200 Democrats running for president believe that offering everything for free is what their base and others want. They are making hard workers look foolish. The message seems to be, “Just give us everything for free. Don’t worry that it will never get paid for in our lifetime. Stop working so hard. Just take from now on.”

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LETTER: Democrats and revisionist history on the economy

Donald Trump’s policies of cutting taxes and eliminating rules and regulations that stifle business and ingenuity have created the longest period of sustained growth since Ronald Reagan’s presidency.