Politics and free stuff

Americanism is based upon the idea that the working class wants to rule itself. It’s a fundamental foundation that dates as far back as John Smith in 1609 Jamestown, Virginia. Basically, he said, “He who will not work shall not eat.” Seems like fundamental fairness to me.

Today’s political environment inflames receivers to demand more for free, while condemning the principles of self-reliance and provision. People actually believe governments magically manufacture the necessities of life, as well as the luxuries, rather than understanding they come from the working class. It’s mystifying to see the rabble’s unprincipled and semantic justification for more free services, more unpaid material gain and more control of government. All while they do little but provide the squeak in the wheel to those who want to get their votes.

It’s now to the point where Americans — in the world’s foremost and successful capitalistic society — actually debate the superiority of socialism over capitalism.

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