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Problems with legal marijuana now cropping up across Las Vegas

Your Saturday article, “Pot retailers request 24-hour operations,” caused me to snicker just a little regarding four issues:

1. According to the article, dispensaries are asking Clark County officials to allow them to be open 24 hours a day in hopes of deterring robberies during the four hours they are currently closed. Who do they think they are kidding? The dispensaries are simply upset that they aren’t making money during those four hours. Duh.

2. Home deliveries? Nope, no chance of the delivery drivers being robbed while on the way to the purchaser — or by the purchaser.

3. Not having marijuana consumption lounges for our tourists? Simple, just bus all of the Las Vegas tourists who want to smoke marijuana to state Sen. Tick Segerblom’s home. He pushed so hard for recreational marijuana to be legalized; he can let them do it in the comfort of his personal residence.

4. Twenty “amnesty boxes” will be installed at McCarran and other airports in Clark County so travelers can safely get rid of excess marijuana before going into the TSA sections of the airports? So, I’m curious. Just how long before we read in the paper about vandals breaking into those boxes?

Just think. None of the above would even matter if we hadn’t legalized recreational marijuana.

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