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Random student searches at the Clark County School District

As parents, we all watch in horror when there is news of a school shooting. We pray it’s not our kids, and then we yell even louder that the “school must protect our children.” But then when Clark County School District officials have an idea about how to greatly reduce the risk of a shooting, those same parents yell almost as loudly that “you can’t search my child, it’s a violation of their privacy.” (“CCSD policy opens divide,” Monday Review-Journal).

Really? You can’t have it both ways. Would you prefer to clamor for something to be done after the next shooting? Or would you rather let the schools do what they can to reduce the risk to your children?

Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed to prevent a school shooting. But if school shootings are going to be addressed, we need to make it as hard as possible to get weapons on school grounds. That will be accomplished first at home and second by schools doing what they are able — searches are just the first step.

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