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Same-day voter registration a recipe for fraud

Regarding Aurora Cox’s April 11 letter advocating same-day voter registration: Are you kidding?

Isn’t there enough voter fraud going on right now without throwing fuel on the fire?

How do I know there’s voter fraud going on? Because I have a very unique name. And in 2010, my identity was stolen. After that, I was made aware of a person in South Carolina using my name and another person using it in Florida.

When I went to vote in 2016, I was asked; “Which one are you?” It seems that three other people who are using my name are registered to vote in Moapa. I’ve brought this matter to the attention of the Clark County Election Department, and I was told that they’ll get back to me.

Voter fraud? You bet there is. And my personal opinion is that early voting has a lot to do with it. Same-day registration can make bad matters only worse.

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