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Seniors not getting much out of GOP tax bill

Referencing the recent letter from John J. Erlanger about Social Security and Medicare: I agree with many of the issues he discusses. Congress does not take into consideration the fact that many of us seniors do not have adequate health care. Most seniors who retire at age 62 do not have medical care covering eye glass exams and glasses, dental care or hearing aids.

If our pensions are over a certain amount (take $30,000 per year as an example, minus approximately $110 per month for Medicare coverage), we are allowed reimbursement of any amount over 10 percent of our adjusted gross income for medical expenses. This means that anything over $3,000 would be deductible. I am not sure how Medicare factors into this amount.

Eliminating tax deductions for sales taxes and property taxes will also affect many seniors, as well as people who are in low-income jobs. It seems the rich get richer always. Seniors with lower incomes deserve a break.

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