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Take a lesson from two Supreme Court justices when it comes to political divisions

I am watching, with increasing sorrow, the ongoing polarization of our country. Instead of talking to each other and, more importantly, listening, we seem to scream our extreme views. Maybe we should all just take a deep breath, step back and use two outstanding Supreme Court justices as our example.

The late Justice Antonin Scalia was the face of the most conservative of views, a strict originalist. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who fortunately remains on the court, is considered liberal in her views. Both exemplify the highest of intellects, yet they had diametrically opposing views as sitting justices. And yet, in private life, they were the best of friends and often traveled the world together. What a shining example for this polarized world.

We need to understand that we are a single people and nation, bound together, working for the common good. Let’s try to listen and learn to respect views not our own. Talking is so much better than fighting.

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