The Bundy clan acted like true American patriots

I quote from Miguel Reyes-Cuerva’s recent letter on Cliven Bundy:

“It was a scary day when all these armed people can almost start a civil war. Since when do armed citizens have the right to confront our law officers over a disagreement? This all started when the Bundy family refused to pay the federal government for the use of federal land.”

Taking sentence three first: Ranchers in Nevada, including the Bundys, have been using federal land — and paying fees to do so — perhaps since we became a state. Recently, the federal government decided to significantly limit the ranchers’ use of the land and to greatly raise the fees. This made an already tough and tenuous ranch life harder. The Bundys actively objected.

Now, consider the American Revolution. The federal government — Great Britain — was limiting the rights of Americans and unjustly taxing them. The armed Americans actively objected, confronting our law officers — the British Army — and started a war. That made for the founding of the United States of America.

Perhaps Mr. Reyes-Cuerva would have preferred that they not have taken such action and that there were no United States of America.

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