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The Trump economy is rife with opportunity

President Donald Trump’s tax cuts to the producers have poured money and incentives into the private sector. Job-killing regulations have been greatly reduced, and pinpoint tariffs have stimulated vital industries, such as steel and aluminum. Job opportunities are quickly outpacing the available workforce. Workers can now shop for higher wages and better benefits. It’s called supply and demand, no government mandates necessary.

Let the economy start percolating.

Sensible government policies can help sustain and grow this economy. Controlled immigration is essential to import needed skills and keep the workforce competitive. We can teach trade skills in our high schools through apprenticeship and partnership programs, such as welding and truck driving, etc. We need welfare and prison reform to encourage families to stay together and to motivate all able-bodied persons to seek employment.

President Trump is tough, abrasive, hardworking and driven. Many Americans hate these traits, but these qualities are needed to guide America to the roots of our historic successes: capitalism, respect, law and order and integrity. So long as America is on the right track, we will continue to roar back to life.

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