The Trump-Russia collusion story is falling apart

For almost a year, we have seen the unhinged left fall right into the trap put in place by the Russians. The ridiculous assertion that a major political campaign was actively colluding with the Russian government was bought hook, line and sinker by the far left.

CNN and MSNBC devoted hours upon hours and days upon days speculating and extrapolating events to fit the narrative. Innocuous Trump Tower meetings turned into covert counter-espionage plotting. A handshake at a highly trafficked political event turned into some sort of dead-drop. A drunk guy in a bar was supposed to be the key to unlocking this conspiracy. Are you kidding me?

But what is really amusing is that the self-appointed faux intellectuals of the left were the guys to fall for this Russian garbage. Las Vegas’ own, Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of Hollywood’s faux intellectuals mindlessly jumped on the absurd bandwagon and exposed themselves for the emotion-driven, thought deprived fools that they truly are. They were so desperate to denigrate Donald Trump that they would have bought anything — and the Russians played them for the fools.

But we will look back and thank the overall-clad farmer and sweat-stained truck driver for having the common sense and intellect to elect Donald Trump to save this country. For if it weren’t for these hard-working Americans with more common sense and intellect than Mr. Kimmel and his friends, this country would be in the hands of people who have the emotional stability and thought process of a 10-year-old.

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