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Toss out frivolous Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuits

ADA lawsuits are becoming inane. With the plethora of laws trying to legislate the compatibility of buildings for each ailment of the human condition, it simply will never work.

People are blind, short, tall, fat, skinny, disabled, smart, not-so-smart, old, young, arthritic, short-of-breath, near-sighted — and most of us have at least two or three impediments of the thousands of diseases listed in the current Merck’s Manual.

What is the bottom line? Let’s try to reach a compromise so all of us can navigate our public buildings with the least amount of duress, but let’s not go overboard. I would like to be 6-feet tall, handsome, young and 30 again, but I’m not. I take lots of meds for lots of issues. But I don’t whine, nor sue, over every obstacle in my way.

It comes down to the proverbial “make lemonade from lemons” adage. Frivolous lawsuits should be thrown out.

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