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Where is the oversight at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority?

I am furious over the Rossi Ralenkotter exit deal (Wednesday Review-Journal). This is a taxpayer-funded position. That it pays almost almost $1 million per year in salary and benefits is outrageous. That Mr. Ralentkotter is retiring with a send-off package of more than $455,000 — including a sweetheart “consulting” gig — defies logic and is beyond the pale.

To top that off, there was allegedly fraud, waste and an incredible lack of oversight under Mr. Ralenkotter’s leadership. All of this is still being investigated.

With the exception of North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, the board members of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority should all be fired. What is the purpose of this panel if not to oversee expenditures? Don’t they have a fiduciary responsibility?

Thanks to the RJ for its investigative reporting and the highlighting the list of board member names. I certainly hope the voters remember this at election time.

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