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Why is state allowing insurance rates to go up without adequate notice to policyholders?

I just received my monthly bill from my insurance carrier. Suddenly, without warning or notice, my monthly premium will be raised by almost 40 percent. This is with no accidents or claims.

I called a few friends, and they all have gotten the same increases as I did. When I called my insurance carrier, I was told that Carson City has raised the minimum amount of insurance we need. If this is true, then I would like to know why there was no notice or warning.

Like a big percentage of Nevada residents, I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. A rate increase of this size really cuts into my food shopping and also makes it more difficult to pay other monthly bills. If Nevada insurance officials can increase my rates by 40 percent with no warning, then every senior in the state is at risk for more increases whenever the people in Carson City feel like it.

How can either the insurance companies or the state make such a huge dent in our monthly budgets with no warning?

Something seems to be very wrong with this entire matter.

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