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COMMENTARY: Conspiracy theories and the death of a Democratic National Committee staffer

Our country has become a Banana Republic. Anything minor Trump does is leaked (a crime), taken out of context, hyped through the roof, and then turned into hysterical headlines by the media.

But if Democrats conspire to fix an election and a Democratic National Committee staffer winds up killed, you hear nothing about it in the mainstream media. We’re not talking about a conversation here. We’re talking about a real-life murder.

It may be an ordinary street murder by thugs, but just the idea that it could be attached in any way to the DNC makes it off limits to discuss. It’s verboten. We see a total mainstream media blackout. But let’s put the shoe on the other foot and see what the media would say.

What if a Republican National Committee staffer was murdered in the streets of Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016?

What if WikiLeaks publicly stated that this RNC staffer leaked the 44,000 emails that showed Donald Trump and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus conspired to fix the GOP presidential primary and cheated Jeb Bush out of victory?

What if those emails proved a former RNC chairman now working for CNN cheated and gave debate questions in advance to Donald Trump, so he would always have the perfect answer?

What if Trump and the RNC chairman were badly embarrassed by this leak of sensitive, private documents … and Trump’s chances of being elected president were damaged … and the RNC chairman wound up fired because of this leak?

What if the cold-blooded killing of this RNC staffer looked more like an assassination — with the killers never even attempting to grab his wallet, cash, watch or jewelry?

What if WikiLeaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of this staffer, yet no reward was ever put up by the Trump campaign or the RNC?

What if the former chairman of the RNC called the police demanding to know why a private eye was snooping around the case?

What if the former chairman of the RNC threatened the D.C. police chief for gathering evidence on his computers that held confidential RNC information?

Well don’t look now, but all of this happened to DNC staffer Seth Rich, the Hillary Clinton campaign, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and former DNC chair Donna Brazile. Yet the media don’t care. They won’t investigate. Heck they won’t even mention the murder.

If in fact murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich is the one who embarrassed Hillary and Wasserman Schultz and the entire DNC by leaking all of these sensitive documents, then the entire Russian hacking story is a lie.

If this story is proven true, then Russia didn’t hack the DNC. Seth Rich did.

If. That’s the difference between me and the wild, radical, hysterical conspiracy theorists on the left. I say “if.” I have no idea. I don’t know why Seth Rich died. I don’t claim to know who murdered him. It might have been D.C. street thugs. This might all be a coincidence.

I don’t claim to know if Seth Rich was the WikiLeaks source. I don’t know if he damaged Hillary’s lifelong dream of becoming president. Or if he ruined Wasserman’s career at the DNC. Or if he destroyed the credibility of Donna Brazile forever at CNN.

I don’t know if the investigation has been stonewalled by powerful DNC voices.

But I know this is what journalists do. They write about controversial stories. They investigate. They ask questions. They shine light on darkness. Nothing is supposed to be off limits. The media aren’t supposed to run away from stories like this.

I simply want to know what happened. I want the murder solved. I want closure for Seth Rich and his family.

And I know if this was a murder attached in any way to Donald Trump and the GOP, it would be the biggest news story since the O.J. Simpson saga.

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