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COMMENTARY: Is there a vast left-wing conspiracy to oust Donald Trump through leaks?

Many of President Donald Trump’s conversations with world leaders have been leaked. Just days ago, we saw an exact transcript of his conversation with the president of Mexico. This is something that has never happened in American history.

Did you even know anyone listened in and recorded the private conversations of the president of the United States? I didn’t.

This is outrageous and ridiculous. More importantly, it’s illegal. It’s actually worse than illegal — it constitutes treason. It threatens America’s national security. The greatest country and military in world history cannot allow our president’s private conversations with world leaders to be leaked to any Tom, Dick or Harry. Or worse, to the leaders of Russia, China, Iran, North Korea or ISIS.

Do you think it’s OK if Trump’s plans to remove the dictator of North Korea are released to the public? Liberals who hate Trump don’t seem to mind.

But what if a leak of our military plans for North Korea causes Kim Jong-un to send a nuclear missile hurtling toward California? Is that OK with liberals?

This scandal is the greatest threat to national security in our history. What are the ramifications?

It means at any time our national credibility and security can be blown to smithereens by any rogue federal employee.

It means some world leaders may never again want to speak on the phone with our president if they know their conversations will become public.

It means any NSA or CIA employee who doesn’t like the president or his agenda can choose to blackmail him.

This isn’t about whether you like the current president or not. Any government employees caught and convicted of leaking must be charged with treason and punished with life terms — or the death penalty.

But this brings up an important question: How come we never in eight years had one single leak of any of President Barack Obama’s conversations?

This proves how corrupt our federal government has become. Federal employees are no longer on our side or America’s side. They are on the side of any establishment politician who supports bigger government. Mostly, they are on the side of one party, the Democrats. And they are on the side of one specific politician, former Obama.

Why? Because Obama expanded the power of big government like no one in history. He spent America into bankruptcy to expand the power, size and scope of big government. He added more debt than all the presidents in history combined. He added more regulations than any president in history. Obama and big government go together like apple pie and motherhood.

And all these same federal employees leaking Trump’s private conversations have a deep-seated hatred, resentment and distrust of Trump. Because he isn’t owned by big government interests or government employee unions. Because he wants to cut the size of government. Because he wants to restore power to the Constitution and the people — where it belongs.

So, they are out to frame him (with special counsel Robert Mueller) and destroy him with leaks. If I’m wrong, why wasn’t there a single leak of any of Obama’s private conversations with world leaders for eight long years? Because Obama is on their team.

The question is, is this corrupt, deep-state scandal led by a shadow president named Barack Obama? Obama clearly is the one man with the gravitas to pull this off. He has the undying loyalty of the government employees. He has the resources and backing from billionaire liberals and globalists.

Is this coup being directed from Obama’s walled mansion only blocks from the White House? Is it being funded and coordinated by George Soros and other shadowy liberal billionaires who believe in big government?

Who is going to investigate? Who is going to hold the leaders of this corrupt conspiracy responsible?

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