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COMMENTARY: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is headed for extinction

The NFL commissioner must be fired. Like father, like son. Soon you’ll hear this is a very personal story for me.

My political predictions have been on the money. And I’m not shy about them. I always put my neck on the chopping block. I announce my predictions boldly and publicly — including here in the Review-Journal.

I was right (against all odds) on Brexit. I was right (against all odds) on Trump’s victory. I’ve been right on every special election since Trump’s victory. And I was right on the amazing primary victory this past Tuesday night of Roy Moore in Alabama. I endorsed Moore. I went against President Donald Trump’s candidate. Despite being outspent $30 million to $1 million, Moore won by 9 points.

Here’s my next prediction: The NFL will be brought to its knees. The league will cave and capitulate soon. The sideline demonstrations will soon be stopped. And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be forced out, or quietly pushed into retirement.

First of all, I love the game of football. It’s one of the loves of my life — God, family, GOP and NFL football. They go together like apple pie, motherhood and the American flag. I am shocked and disgusted at what is happening to my game.

I was a pretty darned good football player in my youth. A feared hitter at free safety. Today, watching the game of football is one of my great joys. Now this bonehead liberal dunce Goodell is ruining the game. Millions of NFL fans are sick to their stomachs.

But for me, it’s personal.

Almost 50 years ago, my father, the blue-collar butcher, became one of the founding members of the Conservative Party of New York State. The first big victory that made my father’s party happened in 1970. Charles Goodell was New York’s U.S. senator. He was a bleeding-heart liberal sellout who betrayed everything my father believed in. A liberal hiding behind the name Republican. A fraud. The original RINO (Republican in Name Only). My father’s goal was defeating Roger Goodell’s liberal daddy.

New York was America’s most liberal state in those days. But like Martin Luther King, my father and his Conservative Party friends had a dream. They pulled off a miracle — they defeated Charles Goodell. They elected the first and only Conservative Party senator in America’s history in 1970.

I was 9 years old. I gave every minute of my after-school time to defeating Roger Goodell’s daddy. I walked precincts. I handed out literature at supermarkets and train stations. I slipped campaign flyers under doors in apartment buildings. I was at the victory party in Manhattan for James Buckley. I remember how happy my father was. We had just elected a Conservative Party U.S. senator in the most liberal state in America.

Today, I have a national media platform to defeat the ignorant liberal son, just as I once contributed at the age of 9 to the defeat of the liberal father.

The NFL was America’s most popular and invincible business. It was a ratings machine. Because of the bad decisions of the son of Charles Goodell, the NFL is now in free fall. Panic is setting in.

DirecTV is overwhelmed with refund requests to its NFL Sunday Ticket. Stubhub is advertising an unheard of 10 percent discount on NFL tickets. A former Marine just burned $4,000 of his tickets. Fans are burning NFL merchandise all over the Internet. The Baltimore Ravens national anthem singer just quit in protest. A Buffalo Bills groundskeeper quit. Bars are refusing to air NFL games. The owner of a historic clothing company just pulled his ads from NFL games. The NFL’s sponsors are wobbling. NFL earnings are already down $200 million compared with last year.

This is just the beginning.

But here’s the best news of all. Remington Research Group finds that 64 percent of the public agrees with President Donald Trump. Goodell’s approval rating is 12 percent. Liberals claim Trump is unpopular at 45 percent. Try 12 percent on for size.

The writing is on the wall. Stick a fork in NFL Commissioner Goodell. He’s finished. Like father, like son. I’m just proud I could play a part in both of their embarrassing defeats.

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