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COMMENTARY: So much is going on in the D.C. swamp

A Chinese proverb says, “May you live in interesting times.”

Let’s start with Judge Roy Moore. Here’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. We lost. I supported Moore. I predicted he’d win. We lost because 95 percent of black voters came out for the Democrat — including 97 percent of black women. Pretty simple formula. Sometimes Democrats turn out more voters than Republicans.

But conservatives such as me accept it. I don’t destroy property or howl at the sky. I don’t demand “safe zones,” cry like a snowflake or wear a vagina hat. I don’t choose to hold up signs calling the other side “Hitler.” I don’t dream out loud about the assassination of the guy who beat me.

Time to move on. The GOP will win the seat back in 2020 with any candidate in the world not named Roy Moore.

Now onto what I got right.

I reported in my last column that Donald Trump’s economy is exploding. I called it “The Trump Miracle.” Who knew I was underestimating Trump’s economy? The Fed recently upgraded its GDP prediction for Trump’s first year from 2.9 percent (better than any year under Barack Obama) to 3.3 percent. Congratulations, President Trump.

I also reported that confidence of small-business owners like me is the highest in many years. The latest study just came out. Small-business confidence under Trump is actually the highest in history.

I wrote months ago that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was a bad guy. I encouraged Trump to fire him. All I knew then was that his wife accepted a $700,000 “donation” from Hillary’s lifelong friend, Terri McAuliffe, while her husband headed the FBI investigation into her crimes. D.C. insiders now report McCabe will be fired by January. Great news.

Since my last column, we have found out about so many FBI conflicts and crimes. We discovered Peter Strzok — FBI lead investigator of Hillary and Trump — hated Trump, was willing to do anything to stop Trump, had “an insurance policy” in case Trump won and used a “burner phone” to talk to his lover, about his hatred for Trump.

At one point, it appears Strzok discussed his “insurance policy” to destroy Trump with … drumroll, please … Andrew McCabe. There’s that name again.

Just as I reported weeks ago, it has been confirmed Strzok changed the wording of FBI Director James Comey’s Hillary exoneration speech from “grossly negligent” (a high crime) to “extremely careless.” He also changed wording about the likelihood of Hillary’s communications getting into the hands of enemies of America from “reasonably likely” to merely “possible.” The fix was in.

We also found out CIA official Nellie Ohr, wife of recently demoted Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr, was hired by Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Trump. It’s time for a special counsel to investigate FBI, DOJ, CIA wrongdoing under Obama and Hillary.

We found out the witch-hunt vs. Trump extended to the sexual harassment charges. Lisa Bloom, the lawyer representing multiple Trump accusers, has admitted she sought compensation, donations and paid media interviews for the accusers. What a shocker — everyone was looking for money to say Trump harassed them. Bloom is Gloria Allred’s daughter. Now it all makes sense.

Finally, liberals should be careful what they wish for. I hear sexual harassment accusations will explode over the next week in D.C. Franken and Conyers were just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s 90 percent Trump-hating Democrats going down like the Hindenburg in D.C., Hollywood and the NY media.

Even a female Democrat running for Congress has resigned after a sex harassment settlement from years ago came to light. Andrea Ramsey said, “We are in a moment where rough justice stands in place of careful analysis, nuance and due process.” I wonder how she felt about Moore’s 37-year old accusations with no proof or witnesses?

These are indeed, interesting times.

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